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Over the years, Microsoft has started to become greedy with their Microsoft Office packages, previously, it was pre-included in Windows computers, and then,  they were separately sold. Now, they’re yearly subscriptions (like an Anti-virus)

It’s time to make a stand! (And no, don’t even pirate their software.)

LibreOffice - a software that’s very similar to Microsoft Office BUT THIS ONE’s FREE!


This has helped me big time during my time in college. Saved me big bucks & not getting into trouble by downloading a cracked Microsoft Office copy.

I highly recommend this to everyone. 

this is actually easier to use than Word tbh

Wow I was just considering to buy that Office 2013 package until I saw this post. Good stuff! +1

I literally JUST cracked and bought my year of Microsoft Office -_-
But yeah they are just going really far from what they used to be.

Does libre office save in doc format though? I used to use another program that did but websites wouldn’t recognize it as doc :/

^ Yes, you can save as a .docx file & you can open files made through Word as well. 

oh… MY FUCKING GOD. YOU GUYS HAVE SAVED MY LIFE SERIOUSLY. I dont have the FUCKING money to afford Word but i really need it.. I’ve been having to do all my writing  homework last minute at school because i live far THIS HELPS SO MUCH DOWNLOADING NOW

(Source: LibreOffice)

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